Community events — potlucks, community art projects, yard  sales, public screenings, presentations, dialogues, open houses, urban tactical projects, walks — are great ways to strengthen relationships with people residing in our community. A community event can serve to provide information, motivate community activism, make connections, increase awareness around a specific issue, or to activate forgotten spaces in Crescent Heights.


Crescent Heights Village Days celebrates the people and places in Crescent Heights. Over the month of June a variety of gatherings will occur in Crescent Heights. Some of these events are organized by Crescent Heights Community Association, and many more are organized by residents, businesses and organizations based in Crescent Heights.

The main goal of each event is to gather residents of Crescent Heights and have residents explore the neighbourhood while developing a deeper connection to the people who live or work within our community.


Planning Guide

The Village Days Planning Guide is packed with examples of community event/project ideas along with a step-by-step instruction guide to having a successful event.



Where can gatherings happen?

  • Your street
  • Your front yard
  • Your house
  • The common area of your apartment
  • A local park
  • At a business
    • Helps demonstrate your commitment to the community you do business in.
    • Promotes connections in the community
    • Opportunity for you to get to know residents of the area.
  • At a non profit
    • Strengthen and promote your mission .
    • Meet your strategic goals.
    • Use Village Days as a communication and distribution channel for your programs and services.
    • Use Village Days to recruit supporters, volunteers, board members and staff.
    • Gain visibility and recognition among the community you are situated in.
    • Enhance your image as a leader in building social capital and increasing civic participation.

Ideas to Gather Community

Below are fun and easy idea for your Village Days event. We’ve searched the web for some of the best, and trusted, methods on how to gather community.

Remember, this list is for inspiration only. Feel free to run with an idea and make it your own. The most important thing in all of this is, whatever you choose to do for Village Days, should involve relationship-building and creating connections between neighbours. 

Fun Ideas

  1. Host a block party
  2. Yard Sale
  3. Book exchange
  4. Front Yard Talent Show
  5. Kids performance or play
  6. Battle of the bands
  7. Put on a film screening
  8. Organize a pub quiz
  9. Karaoke party
  10. Kite flying
  11. Food drive
  12. Bake sale for charity
  13. Host an open house
  14. Organize a litter clean up
  15. Hold a swap shop
  16. Organize an arts & crafts festival
  17. Neighbourhood walking tour
  18. Nature walking tour
  19. Organize a performance
  20. Organize a restaurant crawl
  21. Creatively activate a forgotten space
  22. Host an open house at your organization or business


  1. Twister
  2. Basketball
  3. Four Square
  4. Ultimate Frisbee
  5. Soccer
  6. Volleyball
  7. Board games
  8. Cards
  9. Dominoes tournament
  10. Slip & Slide

Food & Drink

  1. Potluck
  2. Barbecue
  3. Dessert party/ ice cream social
  4. Spaghetti Supper
  5. Pancake breakfast
  6. Picnic
  7. Pizza Party
  8. Cocktail party
  9. Lemonade Stand
  10. Cookie Exchange
  11. Offer a discount at your restaurant/ bar

Neighbourhood Beautification

  1. Attend a community garden meet-up
  2. Participate in a community clean up
  3. Organize an Intersection Mural Painting Party

Safety Projects

  1. Organize a Bicycle Tune-Up

(Thanks to for gathering these ideas)

Or, any other creative idea that takes place in Crescent Heights and gathers a small (or large) group of people.

We invite you to submit your event to be included in the Village Days Programming & Events Calendar.

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